Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Achieving Public Support


As mentioned, the primary focus of the ‘New Whalom Park Ownership Program’ is to gain popular public support for the program and provide the public with tangible means of envisioning the new park and investing attention. The park will be a visible reality for them as ‘shareholders, as their status of holding ownership shares will grant them admission priviledges, season pass holder, etc. Indeed, these people will decide how the park is to be run and operated.

The first step is the establishment of The New Whalom Park Ownership Program’ website.

The purpose of this website is to provide:

  • a tangible means for the public to clearly see and accept the prospect of having a new park.

  • a showcase of design plans, concepts, proposals, and advance information for the planned attractions.

  • a regular flow of high-profile information of interest to the media as the park development unfolds in stages.

  • regular and timely announcements of meetings and noteworthy park related information such as: new shops, new rides, new entertainment, restaurants, etc.


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