Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Achieving Commercial Support


The New Whalom Park Ownership Program has adopted a two-sided approach. In addition to establishing a core group of public shareholders who hold a deciding voice in the management and operation of the new park, the other side of the coin is catering to business and corporate funding, encouraging sponsorship support and leasing commercial space in the new park.

Prospective tenants for the new Whalom Park look at business plans with an eye for profit. They will quickly realize that this is a stable, low-risk venture – indeed it is completely unique because the ‘anchor tenants’ will have a hand in designing their commercial space themselves.

Prospective Commercial Tenents

There are several special interest groups that are the focus of this publicity and recruiting campaign and this is the most strategic part of the business plan.

Special Interest Groups:

  1. Food and Beverage (concessions)

  2. i) A national franchise such as Burger King or McDonald’s may want to operate a permanent outlet in the new park

    ii) Other restaurants, snack bars

    iii) Provide access to these food vendors outside of park hours as the park may not operate daily, depending on the season, or the weather (i.e. – the park is closed but the restaurants and shops are open)

    iv) Encouraging local entrepreneurship – allow small concessionaires to operate booths, stalls, carts, tents to sell their food on a short lease (monthly or weekly, depending on the service needed). This will encourage small or personal enterprise to take on a low risk – if they don’t make a profit they are not committed

    v) Is a liquor license available or even wanted? Would the new park allow bars and pubs, clubs, dancing and dining experience, etc.?

  3. Merchandising (retail vendors, small business owners)

  4. • Items (i – v) above also apply to commercial shops selling any variety of products who would be attracted by the type of patrons likely to visit the new Whalom Park

    o Permanent, anchor shops

    o Leased tenents

    o Extended opening hours and public access

    • Specialty shops

    o Watersports, swimwear– if any water facilities are attractions are planned for the new park (waterslide, pool, boating)

    o Bowling

    o Clothing Outlets (seasonal non-Whalom branded clothing) – note: not considered souvenirs as this falls under a separate category

    o Souvenir Company – One company to bid for exclusive rights to sell licensed Whalom Park products ranging from t-shirts, backpacks, hats, mugs, keychains, photos, etc. These products can also be offered for sale through select locations on a wholesale or commission basis. (example: Walmart)

    o Flea Market on weekends (need available space and parking)

    o other

    • Whalom Museum and Souvenir Shop, includes small movie theater and gallery space that can be rented out to local artists

  5. Entertainment

  6. • Movie theater (IMAX or Cinema)

    • Arcade (video and pinball machines, pool)

    • Game Operators (need both types below)

    o Private, Individually operated games (ring toss, shoot ‘em up, etc) run by local entrepreneurs on a short lease contract

    o A Service Company is needed to provide their own management of various games operated throughout the park in permanent facilities. To operate on a long term renewable contract

    • Pool / Snooker (or this could be in the pub, if there is one)

    • Live Shows / Concerts / Special Events (Celebrities)

    o (Indoors) Need a permanent indoor facility to seat ___ patrons, with an acoustically designed stage

    o (Outdoors) Can share the Flea Market area. Grass seating and open stage/ amphitheater

    • Leasing the outdoor stage for local bookings; Aerobic Classes, Dog Show, etc.

    • Leasing the indoor stage for private functions, weddings, reunions, etc.

    • Branded ‘Whalom’ entertainment: Mascots, permanent live shows at regularly scheduled intervals during park hours. Clowns, acrobats, puppets, circus acts

    • Sporting Events, Demonstrations, etc.

    o BMX competition

    o Roller blading

    o Artists

    o other

  7. Attraction Operators

  8. • Permanent Rides (roller coaster, carousel, ferris wheel, etc.)

    • Leased attractions (smaller, movable, and will give patrons reason to come back because of the opportunity to try something new)

  9. Corporate Sponsors (advertising clients)

  10. • National franchises would provide funding in exchange for displaying their branded promotions in a high traffic commercial zone. They would sponsor special events (Celebrity Concerts, Sporting Competitions). On a permanent basis, they would sponsor an attraction (buy a new ride) or sponsor a selected part of the park - to paint all the rubbish bins with the McDonald’s logo, for example.


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Graham said...

Wow, what a great looking park. We should have one of these in the south east of the UK, it would go down a storm. Graham -

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