Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The New Whalom Park Ownership Program is working closely with Mr. Carl Pearson, Vice-President of Global Property Developers Corporation, Bridgewater Ma., the owners of the curent site in Lunenburg, Emerald Place.

Indeed, once a suitable site has been located and purchased, the saved artifacts from the original Whalom Park will be moved. We are very fortunate to have the support of Global Property Developers Corporation, who have been of great assistance in helping us with saving the artifacts.

A count has been taken of the supports and many photographs of the Flyer Comet and a saved portion of the track. These might possibly be used in a replicated version of the classic wooden roller coaster, the Flyer Comet someday! We have also contacted Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters Inc. of Hatfield PA., the original builders of the coaster about securing the blueprints.

We may have the Bouncer seats, and possibly the original Flyer Comet cars from the site. We have found the Tumble bug and may purchase it soon. A good start!

Check back for further updates as they happen (under NEWS)


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