Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merchandise: Souvenir Collectables

We need to increase public awareness of the program. One of the best ways to do this is to distribute 'wearable' and 'loveable' souvenirs that people in the community would like to collect, treasure, and show off about town!

We envision a line of 'Whalom Park Ownership Program' collectibles;

  • key chains,

  • caps,

  • t-shirts,

  • wrist bands,

  • etc.

Each would come with a slogan and photo/logo:

Keeping Whalom Park Alive

Whalom Park : Treasure the Memories

For a Whale of a Time; We support a new Whalom Park

I was a Whalom Park employee!

My Mom and Dad took Me to Whalom Park!

Whalom Park Brat Pack

We are looking for someone, or someone who KNOWS someone - who can produce these items for us. We can supply the graphic designs and estimated volume.


Anonymous said...

I have lots of Whalom Park commemerative gifts from the 90's. We have a cheap, red Whalom Park hat (sponsored by Pepsi) that park officials used to give out for free. We have two decks of Whalom Park playing cards with a whale on it. We have a plastic purple Whalom Park cup, which probably served drinks like slushies. We also have a bag with "We're Building A Better Park" written on it. Also included is a wonderful ceramic Whalom cup and a ceramic Flyer Comet mug with an anniversary logo on it. Maybe u can use these ideas...

Ted said...

Wow, thanks for the ideas! I will discuss this with the chairman and get back to you on this.

In the meantime, can you send me an email? I'd like to know more about them. Maybe we can somehow display photos of them on the website!


Coney Island Chuck said...

Check out eBay and other sites which sell used Whalom Park merchandise...You'll see stuff like the souvenir back-scratcher, scratch-off Lotto cards, etc. Maybe this will be of some help.

Anonymous said...

just search online like on google or yahoo for certain companies but one place that i know of that does that sort of thing is a place called vista print the do business cards pens t shirts rubber stamps and stuff like that and its all pretty cheap too. their website is www.vistaprint.com good luck with this program and does anyone have a ball park idea when the new park will be finished or when it will start to be built?

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