Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whalom Still Strong

It’s been eight years since the gates of Whalom were locked shut and its future turned form bright and cheery to dark and uncertain. The rides sat idle without care or the accompaniment of a rider’s joy. The grounds, though overgrown, thrived to show the life that had been the foundation of the long standing Trolley Park. The memories and desire of Whalom lived on. What was obvious was the spirit of Whalom was thriving.

To bring Whalom back, and succeed, a group needed to be formed. The New Whalom Park Ownership Program grew from the roots of smaller projects that were started to support the park. The foundation was built with local Enthusiasts with one thing in common, a love for amusement parks, and especially a love for Whalom. A Board of Directors was brought together adding to include professionals with the experience to help the project Succeed. Quickly the New Whalom Park Ownership program took the steps to be declared an LLC, Limited Liability Company. The group continues to move forward becoming a member of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. The program has also taken other steps in order to resurrect Whalom Park.

Interest in the park is as strong as ever. Bring up Whalom park to a local and you are likely to be showered with stories of joyful days and rides on the seemingly Dangerous, but safe, Comet Roller coaster. Grandparents and parents who visited Whalom look forward to introducing the next generation to their memories. The Program has opened Forums which continues to see many new member requests. The fan page opened on the Community site facebook has grown to more then 2,500 fans and counting. It stands as one of the most popular amusement park fan pages on the site. The support shown for the program and Whalom Park stands as a reminder of the task at hand and the rewards that will come when Whalom reopens its gates.

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