Sunday, July 29, 2007

Richard and Fran Curtis - 30 Years at Whalom

Richard Curtis of Edgewater, Florida sent along a wonderful set of photos showing the same two boys (Richard and his brother Fran) sitting next to the famous Whalom Park clown. The photos were taken 30 years apart!

Like so many of us who grew up at Whalom Park, we sincerely thank Richard who took the time to piece together these memories - for there's a big piece of Whalom Park inside all of us. The park meant so much to so many. Like many, Richard is asking when the park will re-open. We can't answer that yet, but depending on the support of the community and Whalom-lovers everywhere it won't be too long.

Richard loved Whalom Park so much that he mentioned that he would be willing to make the trip up from Florida for the grand re-opening, and has asked how he can support the park in the meantime. This website is the right place to start. This is the only online community based preservation website for Whalom Park.

Once again, Richard - thank you SO MUCH for sharing and supporting the New Whalom Park. You are indeed an inspiration to us all!


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