Monday, April 02, 2007 - Save Whalom's Heritage

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick ran a campaign about getting people to check back in to politics, to participate in shaping their community and government. This new website is intended to help carry on that mission by giving you the tools to communicate with the Governor and to organize your own community around the issues that are important to you.

Nathaniel Palmer, Cohasset has posted an issue on the governor's website for all of us to support:

'Whalom Park is the last 19th Century outdoor cultural center (or if you like "Amusement Park") which could be saved. This is a vital part of the Commonwealth's cultural heritage, and could be a valuable part of our future. The New Whalom Park Ownership Program provides an opportunity to save Massachusetts history, cultural heritage, and an invaluable resource for all citizens. The Massachusetts Legislature should act to make this a priority.'

Please go to and support this issue!

Many thanks for your action, Mr.Palmer - we salute you!


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