Friday, January 12, 2007

Read the 1910 Whalom Breeze!

The 'Whalom Breeze' was a small publication letting families know what was going on in any given week for entertainment and distributed by the Whalom Theater. This is the issue for the week of July 4-9, 1910. Donated by Charles Kimball

Here we are very pleased to present a rare issue of Whalom Breeze recently acquired on loan from Mr. Charlie Kimball, a former Whalom Park employee in the 1940's.

Charlie is such an enthusiast that he returned to work at the park after retirement! Each available page of this issue was scanned, catalogued, tagged with keywords, and a short description added. Then the photos were uploaded for permanent archiving and made available to worldwide search engines at the WhalomMemories archive on Flickr.

It is our hope that by freely sharing these materials, they will be of benefit to historians, geneologists, and researchers; thus helping to preserve the tremendously
rich cultural heritage created by Whalom Park 1893-2000. Please enjoy your visit into the past!

Local Merchants from Fitchburg Massachusetts advertised their services in this 1910 issue of the Whalom Breeze: Fitchburg Dry Goods Store, Ford and Lyon Garage, F.S. Hall (Jeweller and Optician), Nichols and Frost (Hair Goods).

The Whalom Opera Company presents a program sheet for "A Comic Opera in Three Parts: The Strollers".

Synopsis for The Strollers, a comic opera in three parts performed by the Whalom Opera Company at the Whalom Theatre.

Next week: Robin Hood at the Whalom Theatre. Whalom is the place for all healthful recreative sports.

Note the Scale of Prices:

Centre... 20 cents, Sides... 10 cents, Admission... 5 cents

Evening performances begin at 8 o'clock ; matinees at 3.

"The comfort of patrons requires the managment to request that parents attending evening performances leave at home young children, who are likely to talk or cry while the curtain is up."

"Plenty of [trolley] cars will be available at the end of all performances. Do not destroy the enjoyment of others by leaving before the curtain falls."

Local Merchants from Fitchburg Massachusetts advertising their services in this 1910 issue of the Whalom Breeze: Austin Furniture, Daniel Harley, and A.A. Little.

We certainly hope you enjoyed this issue of Whalom Breeze! We have several more that we'll be posting soon, so please check back.

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